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The powerful environment for the controlling downloading traffic flows, allows webmasters to sell and advertisers to buy web-traffic.

Webmasters increase their earnings by wrapping their files into loader.

Each effective execution of the loader brings you the good profit

How does it work?

Put special code on your website

The code wraps file into the loader

The loader installs Advertisers' Software

Users get their file via the loader

Webmasters get money for every successful installation of Advertiser Software

Why we?

Our specialists help you to reach maximal profit from your website.
We know how to monetize your file-traffic well. Also, to provide you with advantages and bonuses, what make us the best of many others downloading affiliate programs.
InstallCube is a leader of file monetization with 7 years of experience.

Files downloaded


'Two-clicks integration'
WP, DLE, UCOZ, Drupal, Joomla CMS modules + universal code PHP

Flexible online statistics for the web-traffic and profits control

Convenient way of money earn (banner, pop-under, bodyclick)

Stable payments
The payments by a request to Support Center

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